Saturday 4 April 2009

Plan B...

Kennick reservoir was today's expedition- partly to take my Dad out fishing on his first day of retirement, partly to try out a selection of new buzzers and daiwl bachs I've been working on. It was a fine but windy afternoon, perfect for drifting a team of naturals. At least that was the plan. But no, the trout were not interested in my delectable little recent tyings. Not a sniff I'm afraid- although a switch to an intermediate line and some lures bought some action. A bit like showing some guests a three course gourmet meal and them going for a McDonalds instead.
I guess these stockies still haven't switched on to natural grub. Anyhow, I'm no fly snob and certainly enjoyed some belting takes on damsel nymphs (damsel lures more like) and fritz patterns. A couple of rainbows did some fantastic leaping-clear-into-the bloody-sky stuff too, which I always love. And at Kennick you have the option of the "catch and release" ticket. Let's face it, who needs six trout? One trout curry and a couple of fish cakes and I've had enough, so I kept two nice table sized fish and the rest were either released or decided to release themselves without my permission, the cheeky buggers!

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All about the grab said...

Nice looking fish there Dom. We have two in the freezer foe Easter which I will nail to boards and slow cook around the fire.will post pics next week.