Thursday 28 May 2015

Spring Madness

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Greetings to all blog readers and followers. Hopefully you've managed to track down more "Crooked Lines" posts on my website, where it will now live. Do keep an eye on it as the year progresses, because I haven't abandoned you- regular posts are still appearing that I hope you'll enjoy. The latest ramble, with some cracking canal fishing, can be found here:

Meanwhile there are also a couple of other bits you might find entertaining. Perhaps "least" of all in terms of size is the fresh piece of nonsense "Fishing with the General". A look at mini species (or are they world record fish?), along with a friendly slap in the chops to the modern specimen fishing scene, this should be a lot of fun. Click here to read the blog and do also check out the General's Facebook page. If you don't, I will fill your waders with maggots.

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Otherwise, you can also follow my craft beer blog "IPA MONSTER", and I'd also urge you to keep an eye out for Issue Three of Fallon's Angler. Out very, very soon this is quite simply the best read in fishing. Where else can you read Chris Yates and a host of others in one publication, bursting with great stories and free of the usual sponsored guff?

Monday 4 May 2015

A Change of Sorts…

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A big hello to all my blog followers, along with a bit of a change this week! My blogging activities are now branching out in a few different directions. I'll be writing more new content and entries than ever, which I hope you'll continue to enjoy:

CROOKED LINES will be moving to my website, here: Rest assured, it will be the same entertaining/new/odd stuff as ever, just attached to DG Fishing.

FLY FISHING ACTION: I will also be writing an additional blog covering fly fishing for trout, coarse fish and all sorts for Turrall Flies HERE. Please do keep an eye on this, as well as their Facebook page and Twitter updates for all things new and exciting in the fly fishing world. Do give them your support, likes and follows. Lots going on and without folks like Turrall I simply cannot do what I do!
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The "Fly For Coarse" competition will also continue to run, at the usual website and Facebook group.

MONSTER BEERS: For any of you who enjoy craft beers, my newest blog might also be of interest. It's called IPA MONSTER and it will feature various great brews, pubs and more. After all, a man cannot survive on fishing alone, right? Click here for a taste of the good stuff.
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Otherwise, you can catch my latest work in the excellent indie fishing quarterly FALLON'S ANGLER, as well as pieces in FLY FISHING & FLY TYING MAGAZINE, while I'm also in every other issue of COARSE ANGLING TODAY with "The Far Bank" column and also occasionally in the ANGLING TIMES and a few others.

Any other news, I will update this blog page in due course.