Saturday 11 April 2009

Blank Holiday

Don't you just love Bank Holiday weekend? Well, no actually. From the stacked up caravans, blocked roads and general slobbing about, it ain't exactly my personal nirvana.
having succumbed to the offer of double time on Sunday and Monday, I decided to get a day in at Creedy lakes.
Not my favourite place admittedly- but there are some big, hard fighting carp on offer. The trouble is, half of all mankind are also after them. A few questions always come up: Do you really need to hammer the shit out of the bank in the swim next to mine? Do you really need a bait boat to get out fifteen yards? And do you really have to cast right across my swim?!!
Conditions looked perfect for my favourite method here- bread paste fished on low resistance leger rigs, usually worth a few runs. It was painfully slow however and the main excitement was me nearly falling in! The last time that happened was when I was three and fell in the Thames- my dad had to jump in and grab me. Anyhow, I escaped a horrible slip with merely a wet right leg- more damage to my pride than anything. Fourteen hours later, and the lake was still dead; a tench was the only catch I witnessed. The problem is that part of you always thinks "one bite! One bite is all it takes to turn boredom into bonus time!" Blanking is all part of the game however- and even with a couple of moves and changes, I couldn't buy a bite.
If the session was a play it would have been "Waiting for Godot" -a story about two vagabonds who sit about contemplating the futility of life whilst absolutely sod all happens. This happy little work finishes with a suitable joke- the characters agree it really is high time they left, followed by the stage direction "nobody moves".

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