Wednesday 29 April 2009

Caught on Camera

Fishing in front of a lens is never easy- so this week it was a good effort by Russell Hilton, who managed to get the better of several nice carp at Millhayes Fishery near Collumpton, in spite of my distracting questions and photo-taking, including wading into his swim to get some different angles! Russell is a dab hand at fishing sensitive pole tackle on a centrepin rell and running line- a method I also enjoy. You get great sensitivity, but also the capacity to land those bigger than average carp that scream off into the middle of the lake. We didn't quite get that double- albeit a close best fish of 9lb 10oz! Still, a great method and a neat feature in prospect.
Otherwise, I'm also on the trail of one of angling's truly eccentric one offs- fly tying genius from the planet Zog, Mr Leon Guthrie. You'd go a long way to find a more daring, fun and original fly tyer and I would highly recommend his own site
As well as some deadly and unique ideas (just check out some of his beautifully crafted buzzers and nymphs), the novelty patterns are also well worth a look. Any one fancy fishing with a miniature big mac, Cessna air craft or even a breaded haddock?!!

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