Monday 5 April 2010

A Sink & Draw Score!

Whilst not everyone's cup of tea, I love sink and draw fishing. It's versatile and totally natural. A lolloping, decent sized prey fish always looks great in clear water, to me at least. Having earmarked a few small skimmers in the hope of a decent pike, I spent a biteless hour or two this morning before connecting with something solid. At first I guessed it was a lifeless, hidden snag- until the line began plodding for the centre of the canal! I had a few real heart in mouth moments as she neared the bank only to steam off again, making the reel clutch groan... no sodding jack, but one of those occasional "oh shit" fish! Moments later I netted a lean, big headed pike of 23lbs 10oz.
Absolutelty awesome! The fish looked lean for her length too- perhaps having already spawned. Meanwhile I also checked a few licenses. The usual score really- a few pikers about, but some really skimping on equipment. Pike demand BIG nets and mats- unless you like the idea of battered, scratched pike. Indeed, the sooner we make pike fishing as tight as carp fishing with conservation measures the better, I believe.
I guess a bailiff is never the most popular figure- but someone has to keep an eye out. It's probably more my good fortune that explains why my angling mates want to lob me in the canal. Also very satisfying to take another lovely fish on my own favourite wobbling rig: nothing complicated, but I still absolutely swear by it. For those regular surfers, do also keep your eyes peeled for my new, revamped site- should be ready very soon with some new stuff for everyone.

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Steve said...

Cracking Pike! Looking forward to seeing the new website.