Thursday 26 November 2009

Spiders and Flies

Flood water and a knackered car do not make great news for fishing. Still, these little obstacles have left me the time to get back to the tying vice. I usually start with the idea of tying plenty of practical flies that I'll need before long- then resort to having some fun and doing exactly what I fancy!
I do love spiders. Not the sort that scare girls though. The humble spider is such a simple blueprint; the possibilities are endless and they seem to work almost anywhere. Not many seem to rate them for still water rainbows, but they work a treat for fish cruising the upper layers. As above, I do like to include a dash of hot orange as a little target point.

Bright is not always best though- and I love the subtle classics for river fishing. What a shame it's such a long wait till I get to try them out. This one's a March Brown spider:
More pressing is the need for pike flies however, with a trip to Llangorse beckoning. Here's a classic red head pattern:

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