Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pond Hopping

Photobucket I've fished a few giant, awe inspiring waters in my time. Broadclyst Pond isn't one of them. One of those little pools you usually give only a passing glance as you drive past, Chris Lambert and I decided we would stop by and look for a perch or two. It was pretty, that's for sure. Other than lots of ravenous small rudd we didn't find much however, and so it was off to another pond to try and catch something that wouldn't slip through the holes in a landing net. Photobucket When the temperature bites and the banks get muddy, fishing becomes a test of patience and wet weather gear as much as anything. You can detect the subtle change in expectations on a tough day, in our case it slowly shifted from "great big perch" to "anything with fins would do." At least with smaller lakes you can usually count on a few bites and I've been weaning Chris onto the joy that is fishing with a centre pin (or some "straight up Chris Yates shit" as he puts it). Photobucket Ok, so it wasn't an outrageously big perch, but a rather beautiful mirror carp showed up, along with a golden winter common. My only results of the day came with the camera rather than a rod in the end. Photobucket Elsewhere, it continues to be an up and down season for the pike. Besides one or two slow sessions on the Exe, I've also been back to the Somerset Levels. The rain continues, with muddier waters necessitating the use of evil smelling baits and feeder tactics. Traipsing a crooked route towards Glastonbury with me was Russ Hilton, whose excitement was palpable after his best pike so far of just under 14lbs. It picked up a whole sardine, before going slightly mental and making Russ shake slightly! Photobucket


Flyfishermanrichard. said...

Nice to catch on the pin too?

Dominic said...

Always! Probably my favourite sound in fishing.