Thursday, 14 May 2009

On the road again.

The start of that small window of opportunity that is the British Summer is rapidly gathering pace, with a need to get out and fish while the going is good. This is usually with material in mind- but any excuse to escape the office will do, basically.
First stop was a cracking little session at Woolaston Court, South Wales with friend and ace Bristol tyer John Horsfall. On a C&R ticket we had a fun day trying out new patterns. I've never seen such an array of beautifully tied flies on one tackle bag as John's selection. They certainly tempted me, as well as the fish, and it was his own, unnamed tungsten headed lure that was the king, taking four rainbows. I am also itching to try an ingenious looking may fly from John's vise.

Otherwise, it has been back on the stream, hurtling around north Dewvon in search of the perfect, craggy stream. After some stunning urban shots I couldn't wait to see what photographer Frazer McBain would make of a wild setting. I also need to look out perhaps- after giving him a quick casting lesson with my brook rod he took three brownies all on dry flies! This lad is wasted on the golf course.
If the wild images are half as good as these, I'll be drooling:

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