Tuesday, 26 May 2009

May Days

May has got to be one of the best months of the fishing year. Perhaps the only strife has been the agony of choice with so many possible destinations to try. Naturally though, May wouldn't be May without a trip or three to the rivers for trout. With an afternoon off today, I was off to Gortleigh like a shot, encouraged by reports that odd Mayfly were showing. And how! From around three in the afternoon the first juicy sample showed up. Another then landed on my sleeve- other smaller olives were also out and although it never went utterly ballistic, it went from being slow to a productive little session:
Best pattern on the day was the "fly line Mayfly"- a real no nonsense job, floats perfectly and doesn't sink after a fish or two. Sadly the trees claimed the one pictured above! Rises were not extremely numerous, strangely, but a dry fly in the steady water accounted for six fish to 11". Great fun- just what afternoons in May were made for!

Elsewhere, sport has been challenging, but also fun at Colliford Reservoir, Cornwall. A dry, not especially windy day saw even the regulars scratching for bites. A team of three did prompt odd takes though- and had I taken my chances, the day would have been much better. I did take a brown of 12", but lost two others, one of which leapt clear and looked a good deal better. Most chances came from getting in amongst it by submerged cover and presenting a couple of bushy "loch" style patterns along with a Daiwl Bach or cruncher on point. Hard work, I must admit, but a great fishery for those who enjoy exploring. Also along to capture the bleak, beautiful scenery was Frazer McBain- who was as surprised as I was to spot a group of noisy spawning carp in one corner of the lake!

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