Saturday, 19 September 2009

Big canal perch on fly

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that the fly is a seriously underrated method for perch. The Grand Western Canal was tricky this morning, but I found a small group of good perch and was eager to see how my new patterns would fare. These stripey ones proved as cagey as any trout I've stalked too- keen to have a look, but getting a solid take is another matter. It's thrilling sight fishing- casting into the path of a fish and employing a busy but slowish retrieve. Eventually I managed to pick off a really decent sample that could have comfortably eaten the previous catch!
The fly was my own prototype, making the capture doubly satisfying. The "perch special" is bigger than a trout fly but not as huge as a pike pattern- a little fritz, white marabou mixed with Orvis Angel Hair, and a nod to tradition in the form of a juicy red wool tag. I'll probably now have that smug git look for the rest of the weekend!

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