Friday, 4 September 2009

Bass, Bream & Blanks

Another tough night proved fruitless for the carp of Exeter Canal- soggy kit and soggy hopes this morning, although it hasn't been all downhill. A session on the Exe produced no carp either, but a beautifully solid bream of 7 1/2 Pounds.
The tough feat of catching a big canal carp remains an elusive dream. For all the small steps forward in presentation and fish location the one quality required seems to be simple bloody minded persistence, even if that means soggy nights and bleary eyed mornings at work.
Better luck was had with the bass however. We had one each around the pound mark at Dawlish and I had the thrill of taking mine on a fly rod. A shimmering sandeel pattern really does look the part when the estuary is clear here, and I had other nips and a fish chase the fly right to my position. Excellent fun! Rob took his on a small artificial eal on spinning tackle:

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