Wednesday, 1 April 2009

So long, and thanks for all the pike

There comes a time when it's time to give the pike a break and switch your attentions elsewhere for a while. I've been saying this for a week or two now, but as is typical I've been after that one last special fish. It's been hard work at times though- although I've had lots of fun with more modest sized samples. Finally though, after a couple of suprisingly cold blanks, I managed to catch this beautifully fit female:
I won't bore anyone with weights- this one didn't swing the needle to twenty, but what a great feeling after some slow and severely early starts before work. The fish do seem more willing to chase a little more too- I've been trying fly/sink and draw, the cue being a pike following a half herring in after a biteless first hour!
But anyway, next trip I intend to get back to some more lighthearted river fishing. There's a stream somewhere waiting for me. I can picture it now- coppery clear water, stony and trout infested. It's decidedly short on huge predatory fish, but a great escape from it all. All that's needed is a little brook rod and some suitable excuses. Besides, the soon to be spawning pike need a break from me and vice versa.

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