Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Anglers of the World Unite!

Why is it that anglers seperate in factions at every given oppurtunity? Lately I've been fishing lures, bait and flies, in rivers, lakes, canals... hell, just about anywhere there are fish. Why is it that when you establish that someone is an angler the next question is always "what type?" It's silly- I am just an angler. I don't see one branch better than any other essentially. Sure, I tend to favour certain methods at certain times, fly especially at the moment- but purely because I enjoy it. I'm the sort of idiot who goes to the tackle shop for a pint of maggots and comes out with a new fly vise, two new lures, half a dozen carp leads and some frozen mackerel.
Anyway, today I am going to join the Angling Trust. I'm sure there are plenty of us who think it's a brilliant idea- but I for one am going to stop procrastinating and join up. Fishing is a very private sport in a sense, but it is certainly a shame that we don't pull together more. For such a popular pastime, I find it staggering how fragmented we are- and yet all of us want the same things- healthy fish stocks, a thriving natural environment and enough teeth to see off those who threaten the above.

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