Thursday, 19 March 2009

Heading for the cut

Ah, spring. The joy of having a canal nearby is that when those magic words "work cancelled" come up, you can be there in half an hour. Sometimes the sessions you plan way ahead are a bit of an anti climax, and I love these oppurtunist little bashes- a case of lobbing a fly or spinning rod in the car, a few essentials and run for it, before the risk of doing something useful crops up!

The fly rod has been as good a method as any to get amongst some jack pike on Exeter Canal- as well as a much bigger, eight to ten pound sample which followed repeatedly but just wouldn't take. Everything looks absolutely beautiful right now- blossom in the trees, blue skies and everything waking up. Perfect for taking some shots for an article featuring local pike anglers Mark Wills and Jim Moore from Exeter Angling Centre- the above pic of Jim was taken just as the light started to go, whilst this acion shot of Mark was taken on an early start, this time on Tiverton Canal:
Also spied this week have been some canal carp- one hulking great mirror and smaller commons. Oh, and the world's tiniest pike. I know that I've had some less than titanic fish this season, but this is ridiculous! :-)

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Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Still 30cm snow everywhere here and the sea looks to only melt by the end of April. I'm starting to go a bit round the bend......thank goodness I haven't turned to the bottle of Malt sitting on my tying desk yet!
Nice read by the way Dom.