Friday, 20 February 2009

Something for the weekend, sir?

Back to the trout fishing this week, and a visit to a deserted but scenic looking Newhouse fishery near Totnes. In typical fashion the met office were wrong- should have been a beautiful day for pictures, but turned into a drizzly mish mash. Also beaten to the lake by a cormorant and the pressure was on to catch some fish for the lens of Paul Hamilton, although we spent a fair bit of the day taking shelter in the fishing hut and putting the world to rights- a fitting enough thing to do in the rainier hours.
To complicate things further, I was looking to catch on specific tactics, using a pattern I have come to fall in love with on small waters; the Rubber Legged Daddy.
Not exactly realistic, but great fun to twitch, pop and tease to visible fish. The main chances were purely oppurtunistic, flipping these home rolled beasts to passing rainbows- after about an hour I got the first satisfying wallop- you can get terrifically agressive takes on a twitched daddy.
The fish were patchy for a time though- and it was only by moving swims that more bites came, a switch to a simking line doing the goods at the dam end of the main lake. One more rainbow stuck, a typical two pounder, with a couple of others coming off. Hardly an astounding day, but enjoyable still- certainly a scenic fishery and we also admired a few surprise ghost carp cruising the margins. Perhaps a dry might even tempt these as well as the resident trout come summer?


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Interesting looking flies Dom,Thx for the pic of the perch fly you sent me will give something similar a go here in the summer.
Have a great weekend

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