Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cooling Off

Autumn Roach

Roach fishing is always such a nice diversion- with the mass hysteria generated by carp, many of us have forgotten what beautiful fish they are. They are NOT nuisance fish, only suitable for pike bait. Nor are they unworthy of attention- unless you're just another of those sad cases who can only raise a grin for an enormous, bloated lump of a fish.
Actually I should have made this Roach trip months ago, when there was some semblance of summer. For some reason, I chose Goodiford Mill, perhaps because the roach fishing is pretty unexploited here. Hempseed and caster didn't yield a mega catch, and a cold morning meant that it was a challenge to winkle out a modest net. Apart from the odd little "pair of eyes" the fish here seem a good average size; and what beautifully coloured fish they are, with those bluish silver scales and orange fins.

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