Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Load of Carp?

Coombelands 13

Cooler days are here again, along with clear, icy starts that seem to make for fairly slow fishing. I get the feeling I should be trying the rivers, but instead have been tackling carp waters. A trip with my old man resulted in the beautiful common above, not the biggest fish ever, but a stunningly conditioned creature, leathery gold and all muscle. And that was it for the day out at Coombelands- the intention was to compare old and modern styles of fishing, but this wasn't the best day to give anything a trial except our patience!

More recently still, I've been shadowing top all rounder Paul Hamilton for a forthcoming feature, which has been interesting stuff. Creedy was the venue- sometimes a tough nut when the nights are cold. How blinkered are we though, when it comes to carp? You'd think at Creedy that the only form of fishing that existed was a static trio of bolt rigs. Not for Paul though- who uses some canny tactics, including freelined and floatfished naturals such as prawn, to good effect. I'm saying no more for now though- that can wait for Angler's Mail!

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