Thursday, 17 July 2008

Reservoir Blogs

Dartmoor Brownie
What on earth is going on? Work mates are striking, fuel keeps rising and the work is thin on the ground. Time to go fishing- perhaps anglers should have their own protest, where they ditch the office for some fresh air and a rod in the hand.
Dartmoor is just beautiful at the moment and two reservoirs have been on my hit list. First up, Venford is ideal for a skinflint in search of wild trout. Choppy conditions on my visit and precious few rising fish saw me opt for a loch style team of three, fished a couple of feet beneath the waves. Nice when a plan comes together- it didn't take long before the first of three wild brownies had mauled the point fly, a small black special.
Next day was Fernworthy- also on the moor, but with the added bonus of bigger, stocked browns. Tough going and few rises again- but a Black Snatcher accounted for a lovely 13" stockie, along with a smaller, darker half pounder. A fishing paradox, Fernworthy is one of those venues where the bigger fish can be easier to catch than the small ones; the bigger fish gave a hungry, smash and grab take, whilst I spent a frustrating hour later on trying small flies for pint sized wild brownies just a few yards down the shore- the usual moorland staple, a black gnat, was flatly refused by these small risers. Who says the biggest fish are always the biggest challenge?!

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