Monday, 17 November 2008

Exe Rated

River Pike

Jeez, what a weekend. What a tough, time consuming weekend. Out in the Cotswolds, the pits really were the pits for many, many fruitless casts. The frustrating bit was that previously good areas yielded, well, zilch to cut a long story short. Two malnourished jacks apart, it was an exercise in futility- but that's pit piking I guess. Testing stuff- but always the chance of something special. And that's why we put ourselves through it, I guess. So many casts and steps covered. That finely balanced equation, huge elation at one end, just dog shit and dissappointment at the other.

Still, I can still catch them on the city stretch of the Exe, as the picture shows! One of three taken in a short session, this one went just over ten pounds. Seems to be the story of the season so far- the lazy afternoon produces after the hard luck story of the long hard slog. So, no beast this weekend, and it seems again that sometimes the easier you take it, the easier you get it.

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Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Oh how I know how you feel.Lovely looking fish you have there by the way.I spent Saturday with mist and snow to contend with and nothing to write home about.Anyway at least one of us is catching something