Monday, 5 May 2008

Opening Day at Furzebray

Brand new fisheries are easy pickings aren't they? Not necessarily. All the ingredients were there for a cracking opening weekend at Furzebray- but the carp proved trickier than expected, although a few came out.

I tackled Furzebray with a view to a "making of a fishery" style piece and was impressed with what I saw. This specimen carp fishery looks anything but "new" and is a testement to thoughtful planning and hard work; on arrival I was greeted by a swimming grass snake and diving swallows.

So what about the fish? The carp were not impressed by lots of leads and spods crashing down, having scarcely been bothered by humans. "Uneducated" carp are not necessarily stupid after all. My other half and myself did manage two fish- but perhaps no coincidence that they came from a quiet margin spot that had seen less disturbance. A simply presented pellet bait dropped gently in the edge with minimal loose fed did the trick for two low doubles- and beautiful fish too; Tony has around 100 cracking British carp here, muscular and broad shouldered creatures that are growing at a frightening rate.

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